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Gerlach is located approximately 80 miles north of Interstate 80 on Highway 447.

Originally begun as a railroad town, over the years Gerlach has been home to ranchers, miners (US Gypsum operated a mine nearby for many decades) and people wanting the solitude that this remote community offers.

Tens of thousands of people pass through each year on their way to the nearby Burning Man festival, held on the playa of the Black Rock Desert.

In it's heyday, over 500 people called Gerlach home. Due to the closure of the gypsum mine, the current population is less than 200.

Gerlach is home to Bruno's Country Club, which consists of a 50 room motel, cafe and bar/casino. The nearby Empire store (5 miles south of town) is the only local market, and has a deli counter.

Things to see:

  • Planet X Pottery - Artist John Bogard shows his pottery and paintings
  • Guru Road - A unique mile long art installation along Highway 34 just north of town
  • Black Rock Desert - explore over 1.2 million acres in the Black Rock Desert High Rock Canyon - Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area

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