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Jarbidge, with all services available year round, is one of the most exciting historic mining towns in Nevada and well worth the trip. Gold was discovered here in 1908 and overnight Jarbidge became a boom town. In 1916, it was the site of the West's last stagecoach robbery.

  • Lying in an awe-inspiring canyon in a premier wilderness area, Jarbidge today is known as much for its breathtaking scenery as its historic ruins. Roam the mile-long townsite to see the Old Jail, historic Community Hall, rustic mining era homes, and the town cemetery north of town. In town, visitors will find a B&B, notel, motel, RV Park w/ full hook-ups, gas station, restaurant and bar, merchantile, gift shop, and U.S. Post Office.

  • The area can be reached from Elko by driving north on Mountain City Highway for 55 miles, then driving another 47 miles northeast to Jarbidge on narrow county roads. This route provides summer access only and is an excellent day trip from Elko. During the winter, as well as summer months, drive north of Wells for 85 miles on State Route 93. Turn left at Rogerson, ID and follow the road going over the Salmon Dam and passing amongst working ranches. Use low gear descending the canyon into Murphy's Hot Springs. Trailers and large motorhomes should use this route year round.

  • Jarbidge Wilderness Area, derived from a Shoshone Indian name, Tsawhawbitts, was a 30 foot tall man-eating monster who they believed inhabited the canyon.

  • Somewhere within the wilderness hides the Lost Sheepherder's Mine. George Ishman's partner had a vision of the treasure while in a delirium. But after finding the mine, both suffered illnesses and feared returning to the canyon.

  • Mining camps swelled the area's population to 1,500 at the start of the century, but fire destroyed most of the town's buildings in 1919 and the mining boom ended before the middle of the century.

  • The present town of Jarbidge nestles in the canyon along the scenic Jarbidge River. It is a recreational area paradise sporting four-wheeling, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, stream fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.

  • The Jarbidge Arts Council sponsors a variety of programs including watercolor and poetry workshops, musical events, as well as geological mine tours. Don't miss the annual Harvest Dance in September with live music.

  • In August, join the town's people for their annual celebration at Jarbidge Days. There is outdoor live music and parade, a bar-b-que, as well as Dutch oven cooking, mountain men village, children's craft-making center and games, carft fair, wagon rides, Bingo, and a Jargidge narrated slide program, plus much more.

  • Recreation - Definitely Worth Doing: Jarbidge is a town with year round recreational activities. Old mining roads provide off-road panoramas in the summer and fall and mountains and meadows provide limitless, ungroomed sledding opportunities in the winter and early spring.

  • To reach Jarbidge Wilderness, drive north from Elko on Mountain City Highway (State Route 225) to the Charleston turnoffs or take the Deeth exit from I-80 and travel north. In the event of snow, an alternate route through Rogerson, Idaho is always open.

  • Camping & RV Park:
    Jarbidge River RV Park
    Main Street
    Jarbidge, NV 89826
    Phone: 775-488-2311

    For more information visit:

  • Jarbidge Community Hall - 1911

    Jarbidge Jail

    Jarbidge Townsite - Jarbidge Taxi

    Deer Creek Meadow - White Mule's Ear

    Jarbidge Wilderness Area

    Jarbidge Peaks - Yellow Mule's Ear

    Outdoor Inn

    Trading Post

    Winter in Jarbidge