One of the first things Cowboy Country visitors (the ones over age 21, that is) notice when they step into a casino is that things sure ain't what they used to be in the days of the "one-armed bandit."

Today's slot machines still have the slot for your coin, of course, but those spinning reels are now likely to be computer-generated images. The newer machines of this era include money in and ticket out. There's no difference in the way you feel when they line up, however. Penny machines are back and are hotter than ever.

Of course, the real fun of the Cowboy Country casino is in playing against a real, live dealer - especially since dealers are some of the most entertaining characters you'll ever meet.

Whatever your game, you'll find something to like in our Cowboy Country Casinos. Good Luck!

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BlackJack (21)

Blackjack is the prototypical Nevada table game. Your goal is to come up with a card combination which equals 21, without going over ("busting"). Following your ante (initial bet), the dealer gives each player two cards and deals two to herself. If she pulls an ace and a face card - 21, with the ace counting as eleven and the face card 10 - the game is over. If she has anything else, play goes around the table, and you are allowed to draw as many cards as you want ("hit") until you're as close to 21 as you dare to get. If you go over 21, surrender your cards and wait for the next round. If you should be dealt a 21 in your first two cards, show them to the dealer: you're a winner! After all players have been dealt their cards, the dealer reveals her hand, and anyone closer to 21 than she is declared a winner. If you tie ("push"), you keep your bet. Aces count as eleven or one (the player decides which), face cards are always 10, and all other cards play at their face value.


Whether it's played live or machine-generated, poker is king in Nevada casinos, and new variations of the grand old game seem to arrive daily. At its heart, it's the same old game you've always played, whether stud (five cards only) or draw (where you toss out your unwanted cards and recieve new ones from the dealer). Some casinos have poker rooms, where you compete against other players in the grand Old West traditions, and the past few years have seen and upsurge in variations like Let It Ride and Caribbean Stud, where a dealer presides over the game, and your payoff is based upon the strength of your hand. Rules are posted at all the tables, and the dealer will cheerfully explain anything you may not understand.


Easy to play, and one of the most exciting games in any casino, this is a favorite pastime for many reasons, chief among them the variety of options available on any whirl of the wheel. You can pick a single number, numerous numbers, a color (red or black) and many other combinations and propositions on every single game. Your dealer will gladly explain the intricacies of roulette to you, but as to the basics: you'll be playing right out of the gate.


An ancient Asian game, Keno is fun, extremely easy to learn and infinite in its possibilities. You pick up to 20 numbers out of the 80 on your Keno card, and you are paid by virtue of how many come up in the random slection made when the dealer turns on the Keno machine, the plastic numbered balls dance in the jet of air, and 20 winning numbers are selected and posted on a tote board, or television monitors scattered about the casino. Huge payoffs are possible, depending upon how many of your numbers are drawn.

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